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Our integrated marketing platform is unique and enables our clients to strategically plan, produce, deploy, manage and measure their marketing content across traditional and digital channels. By having a fully integrated offering, we reduce complexity, improve process efficiencies and enhance marketing spend effectiveness for our clients.

Joel Quadracci Chairman, President & CEO
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Quad (NYSE:QUAD) is a worldwide marketing solutions partner dedicated to creating a better way for its clients through a data-driven, integrated marketing platform that helps clients reduce complexity, increase efficiency and enhance marketing spend effectiveness.

As a worldwide marketing solutions partner dedicated to creating a better way, Quad uses its data-driven, integrated marketing solutions platform to help clients reduce complexity, increase efficiency and enhance marketing spend effectiveness. Quad provides its clients with unmatched scale for client on-site services and expanded subject expertise in marketing strategy, creative solutions, media deployment and marketing management services. With a client-centric approach, that drives its expanded offering, combined with leading-edge technology and single-source simplicity, the Company believes it has the resources and knowledge to help a wide variety of clients in multiple vertical industries, including retail, publishing and healthcare.

Quad was founded in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, as a Wisconsin corporation, in 1971 by the late Harry V. Quadracci. As of February 11, 2019, the Quadracci family, through the Quad Voting Trust, has voting control of approximately 72%, which the Company believes provides it with continued stability and flexibility as Quad works to achieve its long-term strategic vision. As of December 31, 2018, the Company had approximately 20,600 full-time equivalent employees in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, and served a diverse base of approximately 6,100 clients. Quad locations span 15 countries, including 60 manufacturing and distribution facilities and more than 60 client-based marketing on-site locations, with additional investments in printing operations in Brazil and India.

The Company is on a transformative journey that it describes in evolutions. Each new evolution expands the Company’s offerings to create enhanced value for its clients. Quad 1.0 covered a period of tremendous organic growth that began with its founding in 1971. During this 40-year period, the Company grew rapidly through greenfield growth, built a premier manufacturing and distribution platform equipped with the latest technology, established its reputation as one of the printing industry’s foremost innovators and created a Company culture based on strong values that remains in place today.

Quad 2.0 began in 2010 and continues today with Quad’s ongoing role as a disciplined print industry consolidator. Quad saw an opportunity to participate in industry consolidation in response to economic and industry pressures following the great recession of 2008 and 2009, which severely impacted print volumes and accelerated the impact of media disruption. Through a series of consolidating acquisitions that included World Color Press, Inc. (“World Color Press”), Vertis Holdings Inc. and Brown Printing Company, the Company added experienced talent and was able to enhance and expand its product and service offerings, while removing inefficient and underutilized capacity, pulling out costs and transitioning work to more efficient facilities. This period of consolidation created the advanced, highly automated and efficient manufacturing and distribution platform the Company has today.

The Company believes it will continue to drive productivity improvements into the future through an engaged workforce and ongoing adoption of the latest manufacturing automation and technology. Through this strategy, the Company believes it can maintain the strongest, most efficient print manufacturing platform and remain the high-quality, low-cost producer. This strategy also allows Quad to generate the earnings and cash flow necessary to support future value-creating opportunities that fuel Quad 3.0.

Quad 3.0 evolved when significant media disruption created the opportunity for Quad to create greater value for its clients by extending its offering beyond print and content execution to include an integrated stack of marketing services. In Quad 3.0, the Company leverages its data-driven print expertise as part of an integrated marketing solutions platform that helps its clients not only plan and produce marketing programs, but also deploy, manage and measure them across all traditional and digital channels. In February 2019, the Company announced that it is evolving its brand from Quad/Graphics to Quad to reflect the role it now plays with clients as a marketing solutions partner.

For more information, please read Quad’s latest Annual Report on Form 10-K.

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