Our integrated marketing platform is unique and enables our clients to strategically plan, produce, deploy, manage and measure their marketing content across traditional and digital channels. By having a fully integrated offering, we reduce complexity, improve process efficiencies and enhance marketing spend effectiveness for our clients.

Executive Officers

Quad/Graphics is led by an experienced group of executive officers with a long tenure with the company and industry.
Joel Quadracci
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Tom Frankowski
Chief Operating Officer
Dave Honan
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Steve Jaeger
Chief Information Officer
Eric Ashworth
Executive Vice President of Product & Market Strategy
Renee Badura
Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Jennifer Kent
Executive Vice President of Administration & General Counsel
Kelly Vanderboom
Executive Vice President, President of Logistics & Treasurer
Kent Brooks
President of Publishing Solutions
Jeanne Scheide
President of QuadMed
Jeff Duening
President of QuadExpress and Vice President of Sales for Logistics Services
Jakub Dylag
President of Quad/Graphics Europe
Daren Robarge
Senior Vice President of Manufacturing
Dylan Blohm
Vice President of Production
Dana Gruen
Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer and Deputy General Counsel
Mike Krzykowski
Vice President of Production Support
Brian Johnson
Vice President of Customer Experience
Joe Muehlbach
Vice President of the Program Management Office
Maura Packham
Vice President of Corporate Communications
Artell Smith
Vice President of Talent and HR Shared Services
Tony Staniak
Vice President of Financial Planning, Advanced Analytics & Finance Continuous Improvement
Colleen Mayer
Vice President of Marketing
Don McKenna
Senior Vice President of Sales Administration
Tim Ohnmacht
President of Marketing Solutions