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Board Committees

Information on Quad’s Audit, Finance and Compensation Committees.

The Board currently has standing audit, finance and compensation committees. Each committee is appointed by and reports to the Board. The Board has adopted, and may amend from time to time, a written Audit Committee Charter, Finance Committee Charter and Compensation Committee Charter, which, among other things, sets forth the committee’s responsibilities. As a controlled company under the corporate governance listing standards of the New York Stock Exchange, the Board is not required to, and does not have, a nominating committee.

The full Board is responsible for the oversight of the Company’s operational and strategic risk management process. The Board oversees a company-wide approach to risk management, carried out by management. The full Board determines the appropriate risk for the Company generally, assesses the specific risks the Company faces and reviews the steps taken by management to manage those risks.

While the full Board maintains the ultimate oversight responsibility for the risk management process, its committees oversee risk in certain specified areas. In particular, the Board relies on its audit committee to address significant financial risk exposures facing the Company and the steps management has taken to monitor, control and report such exposures, with appropriate reporting of these risks to be made to the full Board. The Board relies on its compensation committee to address significant risk exposures facing the Company with respect to compensation and with appropriate reporting of these risks to be made to the full Board. The Board’s role in the Company’s risk oversight has not affected the Board’s leadership structure.

Below is a summary of our committee structure and membership information. To read more about any of the committees, click on committee names in the chart below.